22 abril 2012

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Golden Medal for Lit-site: cheers 2 Jalic Inc.'s online-literature.com 
26AUTHORS, 3034 BOOKS... 
WHAT'S online-literature.com ALL ABOUT?        

When you enter the website online-literature.com, your eyes meet with a curiosity-provoking inscription that reads: The Literary Network. Star-landing as it sounds, for anyone with a passion for fiction (particularly for English classics), this site is a jem.
But if you think this is just another online literary deposit, you are mistaken. Online-literature.com, whose opening "Home" sentence welcomes users with "We offer searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast," boasts an impressively comprehensive authors' directory. From Aristotle's Poetics to Daniel Defoe's Robinson, the works by British and American classics make their way through a list of unforgettable titles by Austen, Dickens, Woolf, May-Alcott, Twain and Henry James, among many others—an overall two-hundred sixty-six.

How to join? You may either read the works as listed by their authors, or you may even join discussions in forums. As well as taking part in literary debates, users at Online-literature.com can also find amusingly witty as well educationally useful online quizzes on the most remarkable literary works of all times.

Packed with reference material sources, impossible-to-miss authors' quotes, efficient search engines and well-organised authors' index, this website is one of those invaluable tools for which we must be grateful, once again, to the digital era we live in. Surely no one who acknowledges themselves as a "student, educator, or enthusiast" will help dragging it to their Favourites folder. 

REVIEW WORKS @ online-literature.com
Apart from discussing the available works on forums, readers may offer a contribution to the site by introducing, reviewing or commenting on their favourite poem, novel or piece in general. In such case, users gain access to an easy-to-use platform where they can write their contribution (100-1000 words) and then press "submit."
"We like to give public credit to those who submit [...]"
An interesting feature of the guidelines highlights for submitters is, that contributing writers can choose whether they sign their contribution under a pen name, an "Anonymous" tag or else under their real name. If a work already has an introduction, or has already been reviewed by somebody else, the site administrator won't encourage you to feel daunted by it: "Even if we already have an introduction for this book, we might need a better one. So don't let a current introduction stop you from submitting a new one." So, now you know! 
"The Professor: An Introduction by a Prejudiced Writer Who Used To Avoid Reading Charlotte Brontë"
A couple of months ago, when I was tempted to submit a contribution for a website I've been using for four years now, I sketched an introduction to a book I had enjoyed reading: The Professor, by Charlotte Brontë.

I didn't become aware of the site accepting and publishing my brief review on The Professor until today, when browsing for some coming reads for my university course in Letters, I realised I had stopped checking whether they had published my submission. Well, it may have taken them a while to have it checked, but finally it's been published! Here's an extract from it, and the link to the page where you may read the whole contribution by the author of this blog:
"Charlotte Brontë somehow leads the reader to guess at her character's thoughts, to predict his morals before he has appealed to his manners."
"The Professor (...) portrays the true source of our many disappointments in daily life; it shows how the wheel of fortune is not to be trusted, neither when it comes to our favour nor when it fails to feed us and we hardly manage to make ends meet [...]"

Source: http://www.online-literature.com/brontec/the_professor/ within Jalic Inc.'s site: http://www.online-literature.com

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